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Welcome to "LEARN ELEMENTS NOW" Affiliate Program.

Here you will find EVERYTHING you need to maximize your profits and make tons of money selling these video tutorials.

I have provided you with everything you need to start making loads of money straight away; How to make a Clickbank Affiliate Link, Solo Mailing, Articles, Banner Ads, Graphics and Free ways to promote your affiliate links.

But before we get started, here's a few important notes about this course:

1. Yes, this information is REAL and it does work.  We've already sold thousands of copies of "LEARN ELEMENTS NOW" and the refund rate is extremely very low. In fact I have to say it's one of the lowest on Clickbank at the moment. Our customer satisfaction level is extremely high... so you can promote this with confidence.

2. You get 55% of the purchase price.  This means you make the majority of the profit... The simple thing is, I want it as easy for you to make MONEY, this way your happy and I'm happy :)

Why Choose this affiliate program? Simple, everything you see on this site (optin page, sales copy, graphics, banners, etc...) was designed by one of the very best underground Internet Marketer's in the business. Basically we're just blowing everyone else out of the water. Why? Because we are always striving to get the very best in higher conversions.

High Conversion Rates + High Payouts
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Note: I know there are thousands of affiliates out there promoting all different kinds of products and 99% of them don't make any money at all. You see this is one of the very FEW affiliate programs which you can actually make money with, because I've made it the strongest affiliate program on the Internet.

YES... This is just one of our Affiliates,

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A LOT of people are about to make A LOT of cash with "LEARN ELEMENTS NOW".

Your Step-By-Step Guide
To Making Money NOW.

Ok, so here is how this works:

You should already made your affiliate link through Clickbank when you signed up. If you haven't he's all the information again.

 How to make your affiliate link:

If you're already registered with Clickbank, and you know what you're doing... then use the following link in your promotions (where XXXXX is your Clickbank ID)

  • Link Option 1: Clickbank Hoplink:

  • Link Option 2: "Cloaked Affiliate Link"

    Obviously, replace "XXXXX" with your clickbank ID.

If you're not yet registered with Clickbank then you first need to do that (it takes less than 60 seconds and is completely painless)... click here first to sign up and get your Clickbank ID. If you have any questions about Clickbank you can review their affiliate FAQ's.

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Quick Link Recommendation:

If you're looking for a quick headline that works really well to use as a link right away, then use this (be sure to use your affiliate link)...

"Learn Photoshop Elements - YES You Can Master Elements In Just 2 Hours!
See For Yourself... Take a Free Lesson "

Copy and paste the text above and make sure you have your Clickbank affiliate link pointing to it.

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Solo Mailings for the LEARN ELEMENTS NOW:

NEW! Subject: Photo editing tutorial (fre*e video)
(Remember to replace the XXXXX with your Clickbank ID.)


Subject: Editing Your Photos Made EASY
(Remember to replace the XXXXX with your Clickbank ID.)

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NEW! Top 12 Reasons Adobe Photoshop Elements Rocks


Photoshop vs Photoshop Elements: Which One Is Right for You?



5 Reasons to Choose Photoshop Elements



Adobe Photoshop Elements Colour Swatches Palette



Understanding Grayscale In Elements



Healing And Cloning In Elements



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NEW! Links to Our Blog:


Here are links to posts from the Learn Elements Now blog. Feel free to use them in your own blog, with your affiliate links.

Photoshop Elements Tutorials And Getting Started With Adobe Elements Software

Try Less complicated Adobe Elements Using Online Photoshop Elements Tutorials

Adobe Premier Elements Tutorials and Tips

How To Make Creative Photos With Adobe Elements 7

How To Use Adobe Photoshop Elements Software and Discover Photoshop Elements 7

How To Use Photoshop Elements To Restore And Repair Old Photos

Advances in Adobe Elements 7 software and Additional Adobe Elements 7 Tools

The Smartest Adobe Elements Version

How to Play With Pixels in Adobe Elements Tricks and Tips

Adobe Elements Tools Are Perfect For Amateur Digital Photographers


IMPORTANT: If you want some more articles, or other content to help you pre-sell then shoot over to the blog and feel free to use anything you find on there. Here's a link to the blog:


And here's a link to the blog "site-map" where you can find literally more than 100 Elements articles, tips, tutorials and other great content you are free to use to promote your affiliate link


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Product Reviews:

NEW! "Learn Elements Now" Video Course Review

Copy and paste the review below, or use it as a starting point for your own review of the product. Remember to replace XXXX with your Clickbank ID.


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Rebrandable Reports:

These special reports can be rebranded with your affiliate links. Give these away then we'll do the rest.

Report #1

NEW! "Inside Photoshop Elements Volume 1"

Description: This 29-page report is an excellent introduction to Photoshop Elements. It describes the main differences between Elements and Photoshop. You'll also find quick tutorials for basic image editing, such as using brushes, using the Magic Wand, resizing images, retouching, cropping and correcting images, adjusting levels, brightness and conrast, and many more.

Instructions: Click on the link below, then choose "Run."In the window that opens, type into the affiliate link and replace AAAA with your Clickbank ID. Do this for each affiliate link you see (there may be more than one). Next, click on the "Rebrand" button and save the file in your hard drive.

Click here to brand your report.

Report #2

NEW! "Inside Photoshop Elements Volume 2"

Description: This 22-page report goes into more advanced features of Elements. The reader will learn how to use Elements to restore and repair old photos, create a scrapbooking pattern layout, make canvas photo paintings, add a border, use Photomerge, and others.

Instructions: Click on the link below, then choose "Run."In the window that opens, type into the affiliate link and replace AAAA with your Clickbank ID. Do this for each affiliate link you see (there may be more than one). Next, click on the "Rebrand" button and save the file in your hard drive.

Click here to brand your report.  

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NEW! Selections with Adobe Elements 5 & 6

Link to this video by using the link below. Remember to replace XXXX with your Clickbank ID.

Or embed the video in your site by copying and pasting the following code:


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Product Graphics You Can Use:


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Promotional Graphics:


Banner Size: 250 x 250

Banner Size: 300 x 250

Banner Size: 336 x 280


Keep an eye for more New Banners coming your way...
We are always trying and testing New Banners.


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Free Ways To Promote Your Affiliate Link:

We have found that affiliates and ourselves do extremely well promoting "LEARN ELEMENTS NOW" without spending a dime.

This are great tactics and should be used all the time, but you won't yield as much money as you do with Pay Per Click (PPC). ie; Google adwords, Overture, MSN.

I recommend you cover every angle you can when promoting "LEARN ELEMENTS NOW", this way you can cover the whole market. If you want instant money then you need to start with Pay Per Click (PPC).

So here's a few free techniques you can do right now:

1) Write a review of the "LEARN ELEMENTS NOW" with your affiliate link at the end.  You can post these for free on review sites like, and

2) Check out this amazing Press Release site,  This is the very best Press Release website on the Internet to date. All you need to is post a review of the
"LEARN ELEMENTS NOW" Course on with your link.  You can also pay them $80 and they will make sure your Press Release is put on ALL major search engines. Great way to get free traffic!

3) The one which seems to be working the best at the moment is video traffic. So make sure you post your videos on and Google Video about "LEARN ELEMENTS NOW", and include your affiliate link.

4) Another great way is to make a review website about "LEARN ELEMENTS NOW", by making a review website google won't slap you and ban your website.

5) Last, Is to use  "Social Networking" sites. The top four are,,, and, again make sure you use you affiliate link in your text. Everyone and his dog are using these now.

Ok, I've given you everything you need to start making lots of money. Like I said before we are always updating this Affiliate page so please make sure you check back soon :)

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David Peters

Learn Elements Now


If you have any questions at all please email me at