Adobe Elements 7 Tutorial On How to Remove Shadows

Academic Adobe Premiere Elements 7_1.jpgIf you are like many people who happen to use a flash with your camera you are most likely seeing shadows in the backgrounds. But now you don’t have to bother. There are ways through using Adobe Elements 7 by which you can remove those shadows. Adobe elements are a great tool especially for the amateurs.  

Whether you are a newbie or an expert in the picture taking field you probably know that the flash on your camera is great when you are trying to take pictures either indoors or out. However when you are using a flash on your camera it can also create certain problems if your subject happens to be a little too close to the background itself. This is how the shadow you see in the background of your pictures is created. When you are taking pictures for cash this can create some huge problems with your customers complaining to you about these shadows. There are ways that you will be able to fix this however by using the Adobe Elements 7 program, as you will discover here in this Adobe Elements 7 tutorial.

1.To begin you will need to clone over the shadow area in the background. This can be a difficult step for you to do. This is due to the fact that it may be hard to tell where the shadow ends and the picture begin. You will not be able to use the magic wand tool as you will see the same results. The alternative to this step then would be to go to your menu and choose the layer option, and then choose the new layer option. Now you will want to choose the Greyscale Mapping Color from the list that will appear and then click ‘ok’.

Next you can click on the gradient that is used for Greyscale Mapping color bar, which will call up the gradient editor. Once you have done these steps you are going to want to select the black to white feature. In the area below the presets you will now see that the tonal range is now set to black and white. Now you should take the white marker that is located below the scale and drag it across the left while you are also watching your picture. You will need to continue to drag it till you can define where the shadow ends and the subject begins.

2.Now you can go to your selection tools and choose either the wand or the magnetic lasso option. Once you have selected one of these you will need to click on the eye icon located next to the adjustment layer and shut it off. You are now going to select the background layer. Now you are going to want to take your lasso and roughly draw around the shadow.

3.Finally you are going to select your clone tool and begin taking detail from outside the selected area and clone them over the shadow. Once you have completed this your shadow will be gone. 

Wasn’t that easy enough? Really hoped you enjoyed this Adobe Elements 7 tutorial!

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