Adobe Elements Editing Software – 10 Years Old And Better Than Ever

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So would you credit it, Adobe Elements is now 10 years old. The number of new features comes out in Organize module. Object Search enables users to specify an object in the image, while it scans the rest of the gallery to find examples of the same object.

It’s just theory though. We let it scan 37000 photos in our gallery, but after a lot hours of importing and making lists (and changed all files, stopped our increasing backup route), it couldn’t bring any appropriate images. There are other ways to search and filter images, but there are no containing folder names – an important shortage.

The face protection shown in Elements 8 has been strengthened by the integration with Facebook; download friend names to link tagged uploads to their Facebook accounts. It’s a great feature, but it doesn’t know that family members often have the same surname.

Organizer has some excellent qualities but it can’t compete with Google Picasa – quicker and more efficient. Nevertheless, you can use Picasa for managing your pictures and Adobe Elements for editing – which they can do best. When editing color tools of Picasa are fundamental and Raw processing is quite poor, Adobe Elements is good at both.

Most improvements for main applications are the extension of existing features. Smart Brush Tool has more brushes, apply the complex process such as color tints, oil pastel effect and rain effect by simple brushes.

Guided Tab consists of many new tasks, such as focus slightly or Polaroid appearance for an image. Our favorite among new addition is Depth of Field, which blurs the image while keeping selected areas sharp – it is useful skill to imitate the shallow depth of field of SLR.

We had a headache to edit the area we want to keep the sharpness by using Quick Selection, an option bringing us to Lasso tool will be better. People who know how to use Layer masks can change the results with any tools they choose, but because Guided mode exists in its own field, it doesn’t illustrate how techniques are used to modify or transfer to other tasks.

Now you can make the text follow in a curve. It includes drawing a curve and typing, and the curve can be edited later by dragging the nodes. The text can take the edge of simple shapes such as ellipse and triangle, or an area you can choose with Quick Selection brush. However, characters which follow too closely the selection, while curves tighten in hand-made strokes, make letters stick to each other and become hard to read, and there’s no control to delete spaces to solve this problem.

This is not the must-have update for version 9, and if users consider the upgrade fee – £69 of Adobe, they should stop. Nevertheless, it is not weaker than version 9. To edit photos, nothing else in this price can compare with Adobe Elements about its power and accuracy and it’s really interesting to use, so it deserves another Best Buy Award.

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