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quickfix3.jpgHow many of your photos have ended up in the trash bin simply because they appeared to be off center or crooked? Instead of tossing your photos use Adobe Elements to not only straighten them out but crop and do other editing tasks as well. Read further to see how you can use Adobe Elements to fix your photos.

To adjust your lopsided photo you will want to use the measure tool and the crop tool. The measure tool is used to define the level of the photo and then straighten it. You can do this by clicking on the measure tool from the menu and then clicking on the background of your photo then dragging it in a straight line to the other end. This process is basically setting the level of your photo. If you need to adjust other items that should be horizontal, such as roof lines, you can use this tool as well. Your image should now be a bit skewed so you want to click on the rotate canvas option to rotate the image and fix it on the canvas. One thing that should be happening here is that your canvas should be resizing itself to fit your photo size. Lastly you will use the crop tool to remove the extra unwanted edges.

The crop tool gives you the opportunity to both crop and straighten at the same time. When you use the crop tool you will want to select it from your tools area then click and hold your mouse, dragging a rectangle around the part of the photo that you wish to keep. You will want to position the horizontal edge on the horizontal line to set the level of the image. You can also use this to align any item horizontally as I mentioned above. Next drag the marquee so that its edge merges with the horizon line. This is done to align the edge to a horizontal position.

To align the rest of the edges simply repeat the same steps. Understand that if you want to fix vertical lines on your image you do not want to align them with vertical borders. To correct vertical lines you need to use the ‘perspective’ option available in the option bar. The perspective option allows you to correct the vertical lines by fixing the corners of the boundary meant to be cropped to the right perspective. Make sure to keep all the corners aligned as well.

To find the perspective tool you need to activate it by converting the chosen background into a layer by double clicking on the background. Even though we are no longer using film cameras we don’t have to waste our cameras batteries and memory stick with repeated photos. Crooked photos generally happen when the photographer clicks the shutter while keeping the camera straight and looking at the back screen. This has the tendency to distort the photo by making it disproportionate. With these tips you no longer need to take 4-5 of the same shots of the same subject. Rid yourself of tilted photos with the amazing tools included inside Adobe Elements.

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