Adobe Premiere Elements 10 Tutorial – Part 2

Facebook and YouTube Publishing
A real improvement on this version of the software, as it’s now so simple to upload video clips to either Facebook or YouTube with this version of Premiere Elements 10. In Premiere Elements 9, if you wanted to publish a video by uploading it, you needed to save the project, launch your organizer, track down your video, not to mention uploading it.

Now thanks to Adobe, you only need to click on the Share tab, authorize Adobe Elements to interact with your FB account or just log onto YouTube, select format, and start your upload.

Coloring Inside the Lines
A new three-way color corrector inside Premiere Elements 10 is based on exactly the same know-how as the one found in Premiere Pro, and the inclusion in Premiere 10 is a huge deal. Using this tool, it is possible to add color correction to highlights, midtones, and shadows separately.

Without this type of tool, attempting to make the sky bluer would make everything else in your video blue, for example. It is a little tricky to use, in part as it has even more settings than the majority of tools inside Elements, and I also discovered that it really works best on clips which have distinct areas of highlights or shadows.

A brand new “AutoTone and Vibrance” effect has taken things to the other extreme, as it’s got virtually no settings, unless you uncheck it’s “AutoTone” box. But in certain clips, I observed far better final results from this tool than the “Three Way Color” corrector.

Just like lots of Premiere Elements’ functions, you often have to test several tools until you find the one which functions best on a specific clip.

Adobe Premiere Elements 10 can at long last output AVCHD files, either to a folder or even to a DVD. Rather than burning your high definition video to pricey Blu-ray discs, you can burn them to an economical DVD but still keep the HD frame size.

A good Disc will not carry as much data as a Blu-ray DVD can, of course, which means you won’t be able to create movies which are as long, but just how many feature length movies do you produce? You can click on a box to set Premiere Elements to fit your content for the available space on the disc, meaning that it’s going to decrease the bit rate and consequently the quality of your movie, but it is a useful setting to have.

Sticking To The Script
The inclusion of a 64-bit edition provides Adobe Premiere Elements 10 with some real efficiency space, particularly with HD video. Premiere Elements is an excellent editing system that addresses lots of terrain and suitable for different user levels, and offers a wide selection of features.

The organizer is tricky, but principally when you are working with it’s auto analyzer function to manage still images. Premiere Elements is a secure, capable editor, and it is still the only real consumer priced video editor with workable key-framing tools.

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