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When looking for a photo editing program you certainly can’t go wrong with any of Adobe’s software products. You may become daunted by your choices so to make it easy for you here is my recommendation: If you are just learning how to manipulate digital photos I recommend Adobe Elements 10.

As with most software manufacturers Adobe regularly comes out with new “versions” of their programs, oftentimes including security updates and new tools. Deciding which version is right for you might have you stumped however you may be surprised that there are not a lot of major changes between the various versions; if deciding to purchase Elements you can be assured that any version will meet your needs.

Currently the latest Photoshop version is Photoshop CS5, which has made great advances with added new tools that will produce the most amazing results. The Photoshop software is a lot more expensive than the Elements, so even a more advanced photo editor might find the new Adobe Elements 10 is perfectly suitable, easier and a lot cheaper. The new functions include an excellent photo organizer and an extensive online component for Digital photo sharing as well as excellent online backup.

In Adobe Elements 10 you will be faced with two main tools, the first tool is the Organizer which allows you to view thumbnails of your images and perform some pretty basic editing tasks. Your second main tool is the Editor which gives you access to your photos, is relatively simple to use, and provides a variety of wizards that walk you through step by step photo edits. The Quick Fixes tool will figure out the best way to fix problems in your photo including any lighting, color, or sharpness issue.

The Organizer is the easiest section to deal with on Adobe Elements 10, with tools like Auto Color and Auto Contrast. Things get a little more interesting though when you start to use the Auto Smart Fix tool that will allow you to transform poor quality images into photos worthy of a professional with just the click of a button.

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