How To Use Photoshop Elements To Restore And Repair Old Photos

oldphoto_1.jpgPhotographs are a good way of capturing those moments which will linger in one’s memories for a long time. Unfortunately, however, photographs are not able to maintain the same quality as they age. Since photographs are mere paper they are often affected by things such as moisture, dust and scratches and even light. The end result is you will end up having photos that are too light, have scratches and are no longer looking that good.

Well when your photos are looking too old and they no longer look that attractive what do you do? Do you throw them away or you just watch them get worse till they are no longer visible? Well worry not for with Adobe Elements you will be able to restore all your old photos so they look good again as if they were taken just a few hours ago.

Since photos are on paper and Adobe Elements is a computer program how then will you manage to use the program to restore and repair your old photos? Well the answer is you have to convert your photos to a digital format. You do this by scanning your photos such that each photo can be saved as an image on the computer. Once you have scanned the photos you are just one step to restoring and repairing them.

With Adobe Elements you will be able to open the scanned images of your photos. When you open the photos you can now edit them as you wish using the tools that are provided by the software. One thing you must remember is to backup the scanned images so you can always revert to the original ones in case of mistakes.

Now restoring your photos when using Adobe Elements is quite simple and it does not need any skilled training, all the tools in the elements software are very simple and easy to use. The most common tools you will use when restoring photos will be the smudge, blur and sharpen tool, these are the tools you definitely will need to get to grips with.

So we are going to look at each of the three tools that you will come across in Adobe Elements and how you can make use of them in restoring your photos. First the smudge tool, this tool is very effective at masking any scratches that would have been on the original photo that you scanned. The smudge tool will also allow you to remove any object in the background you wish to remove as well as correct photos that were not properly focused.

The next tool is the blur tool. This tool will allow you to add some tone to photos so they can appear darker than they originally did. This tool is very effective when you are working with photos that have deteriorated due to long periods of exposure to sunlight. So you will be able to restore the colour in your photos so it looks bright and attractive again.

The last most common tool you will definitely use when restoring photos is the sharpen tool. This tool is mainly used to fix parts of a photo that may appear to be blurred. When you scan old photos that are now very light in colour you will find that some of the parts will appear a bit blurred and this is what the sharpen tool is designed to fix.

Remember there is no photo too old to be fixed by Adobe Elements. If you need to Master Adobe Photoshop Elements in no time at all, so you can quickly and easily edit your digital photos, and impress your family and friends,  then this is definitely for you. Click Here to receive a FREE Sample LearnElementsNow Video Tutorial…

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