Photoshop Elements Tutorial – How To Make A Jigsaw Picture

photoshop elements tutorial.jpgMyriad tools and elements of the most easy-to-use photo editing software, Adobe elements, have upgraded the canvas of photography to a full-time profession from a mere hobby. Its vast features allow you to conduct all possible enhancement techniques to beautify your casual looking picture to a gorgeous and larger than life picture. One of the recent techniques that have gained immense popularity among photographers is the feature of creating a jigsaw picture from your existing picture using Adobe elements.

Check out this Photoshop Elements tutorial on how to create a jig saw picture out of your original picture:

1.Open your current picture in the editing program. Click on to the option, "Filter" to select Texturise and click on the option of load texture on the list.  You will find the option of puzzle texture from the parent load texture option. This will open a texture editing box with your original picture transformed into the jigsaw format. Now, you can increase or decrease the percentage of scaling to accordingly adjust the pieces. Increasing makes the pieces bigger which helps you to easily carry changes in the picture. It is advisable to set your scaling percentage at 150 % to create more manageable pieces.

2.Now click, Control +A to select the entire image. Cut and copy that image to a new layer by clicking on the icon layers palette and paste. You will see that a new layer has appeared with your picture on it on a new white background.

3.Now increase the canvas size by 20 %- 30 % so that a huge canvas gets spread around on a large layer. This can be done by clicking on image, then on resize option and then on canvas size. Change the size accordingly.

4.Now pull the image from the edges to change it to the shape of a jigsaw. This can be done by clicking on the option of Select image, then transform and then skew to adjust the picture.    

5.Next, draw several pieces on the jigsaw picture using Magnetic Lasso. Now cut and paste each selection in a new layer. Then, directly move each piece out of the jigsaw using Move tool. Rotate these pieces so that they give a scattered appeal. This new picture that you get is almost complete unless you want to enhance its appeal by adding a human element to it. 

6.To add a personal or human touch to the picture, click your hand with your thumb and index finger positioned in way that it looks like you’re holding something. Shoot this picture on a background with a neutral color.  Cut and copy this picture.

7.Paste this picture on your jigsaw and resize it accordingly so that it looks like natural puzzle. Using an eraser, rub the background encompassing your hand. Use the brushes to remove the edges and make it a look more smooth and easy to flow.

8.Now take a picture of a jigsaw and place it in between your thumb and index finger. Rub out the extra background and edges. Regroup the hand and the layer of puzzle piece using move tool. 

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