Tutorial Reveals Adobe Elements 8 Profit Making Tools For Digital Photographers

photoshop elements tutorial.jpgFor a variety of people digital photography has the potential to earn them incredible amounts of money. Unfortunately many never even make it past the first week in this business. Mainly the failure is due to the poor quality of the submitted photos which fails to impress the stock photo sites.

Many amateur photographers are unaware of the power of photo editing software and that this is a tool many professional photographers use to have their photos end up perfect every time. To make their photos professional quality many people use photo editing software such as Adobe Elements 8. If you are interested in what Elements can do for you and your photos please read on and I will tell you how you can take your photos and make them a money making commodity.

Once you have finished taking your photo you can begin the process of photo editing. When you begin this process I recommend that you create a new layer after you have opened your photo inside Elements. This is important as you will be making any editing on the new layer and not on your original photo and in the end will make your job much simpler. You can adjust the brightness and darkness of your photo using brightness and contrast tools. You can also play with the color scheme by using various brushes. Brush options include the paint, spray and air brush. I recommend you practice until you achieve your desired effect (this is the reason for layers).

After choosing the brush you will also want to decide on which stroke and brush size you want to use. A quick hint: once you choose the brush tool from the menu press your right bracket key on your keyboard to increase its size and the left bracket key to decrease its size. You can skip this step by simply selecting the sample size option to maintain the consistent size of the brush. Now you want to decide how dark you want to your brush strokes to be.

The opacity tool gives you the freedom to increase or decrease the darkness to improve the clarity of the picture. There is a slider at the bottom of the opacity tool which allows you to increase or decrease the color intensity of your paint brush from 0% to 100%. Elements has a variety of color schemes and you can play around until you find which will work best for you. Experiment with your colors in different layers and then keep only the layer you are satisfied with.

Once you have figured out all that Adobe Elements 8 has to offer you may want to consider purchasing the professional version called Photoshop CS4. What you need to dominate this software primarily are Adobe Elements 8 Tutorials, and there are none other better than David Peters step by step video tutorials that will even help a complete newbie conquer any version of Adobe Elements in under 2 hours.

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